What Do You Need?

I offer:

Graphic Design

I help you communicate yourself visually — whether in print or media, this could be anything from labels, business cards, books, videos, packaging, image manipulation, magazines, mailers, catalogs, billboards, to branding. Anywhere where you need to be seen, my business as a professional is to make sure you look good.


Starting up a new project or business? With my early experience in small business as well as having worked with quite a few start-ups, I will make sure you have a business plan, and give you guidance if necessary.

Subsequently, if related to your Design projects with me, I guide on how to maintain your Brand and be successful with your new Look. Things such as running a proper email or social media campaigns, as well as how to take charge of your own website after its creation. I am, naturally of course, amenable to being kept on a retainer if deemed necessary.

Website Services

If your project requires a website… This is what you need to know:

Web Design & Setup

Have your website professionally configured, set up and optimized for you, ready to go when your business launches.

You write the content. I set up and configure your website as optimally as possible.

After which you will either take control of maintaining and keeping your website up-to-date OR get in touch with me as needed.

DIY Website

Feeling self-confident in your internet skills? Yes, with free WordPress installs, you totally can DIY this and stick to your budget. Follow the links to register your domain, secure your hosting account, and get started.

Domain Registration*

Your domain name is your website address, for example: www.YourNameHere.com.

You must register your chosen name and pay a yearly fee to keep your domain name’s registration active.

Hosting Account*

Your hosting is the server where all your website’s files are stored to make it work.

You must secure a hosting account. You will pay a yearly fee to keep your website alive.

* These are unavoidable requirements for a website.

You can also compare plans and purchase hosting at Anna Blueberry Hosting Services: