Queen of Hungary’s Water

Label slightly updated, now with informative card, the latest batch of Queen of Hungary’s Water just bottled 2019 direct from Anna’s Therapeutic Garden is ready.

Seed Packages

Cute little seed package labels. Accurate with the binomial nomenclature, complicatedly color-coordinated as to whether annual / perennial / biennial, whether a veggie / herb / medicine, whether native / exotic / invasive, complete with tidbits of practical information on the backside.

Bath Salts

When you know the bath salts blend you’ve been using for a long time now is reliably the best, well then the label might as well say so.

I often use this blend straight, or I may add some mix of essential oils for relieving muscles and pain (perfect for after a day in the garden). If you disagree, simply refill the container when done with whatever blend you think is best.

Queen of Hungary’s Water

Nastastia Collection Packaging

These are the packaging solutions designed for the Nastastia brand of greeting cards and keepsake ornaments. Featuring a cohesive branding across various shaped and sized greeting cards boxes, ornament boxes, large hexagonal, small hexagonal, and flat boxes.

Other Packaging