The Great American Desert

Illustrator’s now become one of my favorite tools so recently I revisited the Great American Desert, and redesigned the original e-book cover of 2015 (below) with this much more iconic book jacket for the hard copies.

What is the Meaning of All This? (ebook)

Formatted digital book versions (.epub & kindle) and designed the e-book cover for the novel, What is the Meaning of All This? by Brian Kruse at Iconoclastic Press.

So Gentle Was Suleyken

Book & cover for Suleyken by Siegfried Lenz, translated by Brian Kruse.

This is my cover design for a collection of stories in German that my husband translated into English. I found them so charmingly enjoyable and laid out all the stories in book format, ready to print.

Unfortunately having no access to copyright, we will not be publishing the book.

Infinite Jest, book jacket

There’s only so long I can look at a great big thick book my husband’s reading before the urge to redesign its cover kicks in. Pleasantly surprised with the results, I think it’s immensely better than the original which also featured an all-clouds cover.

The Great American Desert (ebook)

This e-book cover design as well as e-book formatting (.epub & Kindle) for The Great American Desert by Brian Kruse over at Iconoclastic Press

McKenna Shooting Sports (catalog)

McKenna Shooting Sports was the new specialty source for Olympic shooting gear in 2015. Their catalog contains all the gear a serious air rifle shooter could need or want.

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