You niche. You are an expert in your own field. Now you need to grow.

Sometimes it pays to tap someone with the expertise you need rather than going back to college for an additional 6 years of education or just hacking it out with the DIY-ers on the internet. (Really.)

– Brand Management

If related to your Design projects with me, I advise you on how to maintain your Brand and be successful with your new Look. Things such as maintaining a consistent look all the while also branding future new products, running email campaigns properly, advertising thru social media, as well as putting on events may (if applicable) help your Label to become more successful.

I am, naturally of course, amenable to being kept on a retainer if deemed necessary.

– Small Business / Start Up

Starting up a new Project or Business? With my early experience in small business as well as having worked with quite a few start-ups, you have to have a business plan. If you don’t already, I make sure you have a business plan, and guide you along your progress.

– Getting the Most of your Website

Don’t have a website that just sits there. Learn how to take charge of your own website after its creation and make it work for you with optimal website management / maintenance strategies I teach you.